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Once you start getting familiar with Tarot, you’ll  realize what a multi-layered system it is. Eventually, you’ll want to dive a little deeper , and really start exploring  all the things that  are  happening on every card face. One of the easiest  correlations to look into – at least initially- are the numbers of the cards themselves. Each number is there for a reason…and once you grasp the foundations of numerology,  you’ll realize just how much  the numbers add to each card.

There are 78 cards in a standard Tarot deck, and 62 of them are numbered. The numbers assigned to each of the cards are patterned on the basic tenets of numerology, a divinatory or occult science, which assigns traits and characteristics to numbers.  In the context of interpreting the Tarot, these numbers can provide insight on the various aspects of each card, so a simple familiarity with numerology is a boon to readers of any level…even absolute beginners.

 Depending on how deep you want to go, these numerological impressions can be applied to interpret a single card or  to the reading as a whole. For example, many readers look at the numbers to provide a timeline for a certain situation, with lesser digits suggesting a more immediate course of action. Another illustration could be the predominance of a certain number in a layout. The qualities assigned to that particular number could be used to determine the underlying feeling or flavor of the whole reading.

Let’s start by breaking down the Minor Arcana in terms of numerology.

The four suits of the Minor Arcana- Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles, add up to 56 cards total. Each of the suits contains 4 Court Cards: a King, Queen, Knight and Page. Though these 16 Court Cards are not numbered, the remaining 40 cards all have a numerical association. These cards, sometimes known as “pips” or  “pip cards” are numbered 1 through 10, and like standard playing cards, the first card in each suit is an Ace.

 Understanding the unique traits of the numbers will help you to make association with the divinatory meaning of each card.

 To get you started, here are some key concepts for each number:

1.  (Aces) Potential, opportunities, ambition, dominance, a new beginning

2.  Balance, duality, unions, partnership, relationships

3. Growth, expansion, creativity, groups, realization of goals

4. Stability, structure, manifestation, progress, foundations

5. Changes, conflicts, instability, chaotic events, ups and downs

6.  Harmony, healing, communication, balance, solutions

7.  Wisdom, knowledge, spirituality, assessment, choices

8. Manifestation, business, leadership, mastery, accomplishments

9.  Fruition, fulfillment, attainment, compassion, courage

10.  Completion, results, renewal, recognition, endings

 Moving on to the Major Arcana, each of the 22 cards are assigned numbers, too-and you guessed it- every card has a specific numerological correlation.  They start at 0 (zero) with The Fool and end with 21, The World.  But since many of the Majors have been assigned double-digit numbers, simply   reduce them. This is done by adding the digits together so they can be interpreted as a single digit number.

As an example, The World is the twenty first card. 2 +1=3.

 So, 3 becomes the numerical value of The World. Among other things, the number 3 signifies expansion and growth… which could easily be shorthand for The World… As in “the world is your oyster”!

Try it with some of the other cards of each Arcanum and you’ll notice how much sense the numbers make with each card. Actually, it’s tons of fun once you get the hang of it…Not even close to being as brain-breaking as you thought, right?


Crystal and Pleasant, photos by Maharet Hughes

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