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The historic-and haunted- Chateau La Fontaine, Hollywood, California

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On the evening of January 10, 2016, we had the opportunity to do our first paranormal investigation of the New Year. Our hunt took place at a Hollywood landmark, the beautiful Chateau La Fontaine… and for the first time ever in many years of doing paranormal investigations, one of us came home with a spirit attachment. We blame this on David Bowie… but more about that later!

 Noted architect Leland Bryant designed the historic Chateau La Fontaine in the 1930’s; the building has been home to a number of celebrities- and spirits- in the decades since it was built.  For years, the place has been  acknowledged as being notoriously haunted. A current resident called us to investigate her apartment because there was a lot of paranormal activity going on: whispering, objects moving, and cold spots. She also said that she felt totally “creeped out” when she went to her storage locker in the basement.

 The apartment owner and her adult son accompanied us during the hunt. As we worked, the son took photos on his iPhone 6 as per our instructions: take two or three sequential photos of each spot, to see if any anomalies were present in the images. All our equipment was in use during the investigation: we had a  Rempod, K2, EVP recorder and an EMF meter and an Ovilis. 
We got lots of hits in the apartment itself … listen to this EVP we took in the hallway, and you can hear whispering:

When we were in the basement, we investigated in a hallway that was very heavy with weird, dark energy. Crystal was in the midst of doing a session with her dowsing rods when she suddenly said, 
"I feel like there's someone behind me!"
  None of us noticed anything unusual, but the apartment owner’s son snapped these pix on his phone sequentially. Both photos, taken seconds apart, appeared about the same… but look carefully at the second one- there is definitely something behind Crystal, and there was nobody else-or at least no other humans-in that hallway.

 The first photo from The Chateau's basement

The second photo from the Chateau's basement-look at Crystal's left shoulder
 Here is the second photo blown up. but otherwise un-retouched or altered. As you can see, something is hovering around Crystal’s left shoulder.

Seriously...What The *BLEEP* is that?  We'd  love for you to comment on this photo!

  After more investigating, we finally called it an evening and headed home to Pleasant’s house. We figured we’d smudge each other off and do some energy work- the way we always did after an investigation-before hitting the hay.

 But the moment we walked in the door, we heard the news on the radio that David Bowie had died.

 Instantaneously, both our phones started blowing up with texts about it. In disbelief, we Googled it, hoping it was a hoax. Soon, we realized it wasn’t. Both us are lifelong hardcore Bowie freaks …we were absolutely devastated. In between bursts of tears and expressions of total denial, we combed the Internet for more news. Finally, we went to bed. The next day, both of us were still very upset, and pretty much useless. The day after, Crystal left to go back to her home in   California’s Central Valley.

 The reason we’re giving you this personal post-investigation timeline is because about a week later, we both noticed that things were getting a little cray-cray in our respective houses; in both places, objects were going missing and  electronics were malfunctioning. Oddly, neither of us realized that these phenomena had anything to do with our investigation at the Chateau.

 At that point, a friend of Crystal’s teenage daughter casually asked if their house was haunted. The very next day, Crystal, her daughter and daughter’s two friends saw objects literally flying out of cabinets on their own. 

Only then did it dawn on us that because of David Bowie’s death, we’d completely forgotten to do our regular post-investigation cleansing rituals!

Luckily, we’re both experienced in banishing negative energy and chasing away “hitchhiking" spirits, so we took care of things immediately. However, we were both horrified that we’d forgotten to protect ourselves after the investigation.
 We are both “clean” now, but we want to make sure you stay safe after your investigations, too. 

So here are some post-investigation tips:

 You wouldn’t leave a dinner party without saying goodbye, right? Well, you gotta get closure on your paranormal investigations, too. Politely bid adieu to any spirits you encountered but make sure to let them know that under no circumstances are they welcome in your home. Respectfully ask to stay right where they are. Mention that you had a good time interacting with them and thank them, but that they need to stay put, they can’t join you as you leave.

 Next, make a circle with your team, discussing plans to check in with each other during the next few days to make sure everyone is fine and that no entities followed them home.  If you were hunting at a private residence, include the humans who live there, too. Cleanse each other with sage, which, by the way should stay in your car during a hunt, because spirits hate it- sage actually repels them!  Take turns smudging each other before you leave the investigation site.  Fan the smoke up and down each other’s bodies, covering everyone thoroughly. If anyone in your group does energy work, have them pull any negativity off the other members.

Keep a watchful eye open in the hours and days after your investigation. Check for any signs of spirit attachments.  If you’ve brought home a hitchhiker, your energy level, general health and also your emotional wellbeing might be affected. In the week or so after your hunt, if you find yourself feeling under the weather don’t jump to conclusions; rule out the mundane first.   For example, if you’ve got a headache, are you sure you drank enough water during the investigation? And when was the last time you ate a full meal?  If you’ve come down with the sniffles and were hunting outdoors, it could just be hay fever! If you’re lacking energy, again, be sure rule out every day circumstances. For instance, have you been putting in over time at work, or been really busy?  Do a “lifestyle check” just in case.  If you’re condition is worsening, definitely check in with your team to see if anyone else is having similar physical or mental/emotional symptoms.

If things start to seem really off, or if you see any signs of paranormal activity in your house, you need to do a full cleansing, pronto.

We always keep our doors and windowsills salted to deter unwanted spirits, but we’re especially careful about this before going on an investigation.  We sweep up the old salt, dispose of it and replace it with fresh salt.  This ensures that in the event of a “hitchhiker” following us home from a hunt, they won’t be able to get inside our houses.  We also scatter it around the parameters of our yard, and in our cars. No paranormal investigator should ever be without salt!

It’s a good idea in general to cleanse your home about every two weeks. A simple way to cleanse is to light candles and burn sage and candles while asking for positive energy to come into your abode. You might want to add in supplemental cleansing methods based on your spiritual preferences, too. For example, we know people who keep holy water in their houses, some like to have Palo Santo - a type of wood that has spiritual and cleansing effects much like sage- on hand to burn for house purification.

Reach out to your team members  and better yet,  a mentor, psychic medium or healer if you sense that your energy field has been compromised, or feel as though you’ve picked up an attachment on your hunt.  If you are having obvious health problems, be sure to consult a medical doctor, too. Watch for signs of depression, mood swings or anything that could be paranormal activity in your residence. Making sure to protect yourself- before, during and after-a paranormal investigations will allow you to stay healthy mentally, physically and emotionally, plus it’ll enable you to remain committed to doing your paranormal research. 

 And finally… RIP  David Bowie, we adore  you...


Crystal and Pleasant as vintage by Maharet Hughes

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  1. OH MY GODDESS! There is definitely someone/thing on Crystal's shoulder!
    Have you tried getting it looked at by someone who could only lighten Cr jacket to see more background of the spirit? THAT is amazing! I couldn't hear the whisper tho, I will have to listen again! Bowie! Gone :(
    I am reading a book about him (The Biography Bowie, Wendy Leigh) Now I tried to look through it again, but are you sure he didn't live in that house? He did live in LA for a number of years, made some movies.
    Hung out with Punk bands (Plez?) and...sit down for this you guys...Bowie had a interest in the occult, metaphysical AND TAROT!!!
    He actually hand drew a deck on chinese paper and one his website you can buy 4 postcards out of that deck!!
    Bowie, was a Taroista like US!! He used to do his own Tarot readings and astrology on people, before he signed contracts during this period.
    I would love to see a followup on this pic and the "whisper"!
    Now I have to reread this book to see if he live at this place in LA!
    You may even want to do a reading about this/Bowie connection!?
    You guys are a trip, Awesome paranormal investigators and Tarotistas!
    Thank you for Sharing.
    RIP Bowie "Ashes to Ashes, dust to dust..."