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This Monday, November 14, 2016 is the Full Super Moon, a special astronomical event where the Moon is closer to the Earth than it has been in seven decades. In fact, we haven’t seen such a significant Super Moon since 1948, and we won’t again until 2034! The November Full Moon, known as the Cold Moon, will appear 14 percent larger and nearly 30 percent brighter than any “regular” Full Moon.

This unique Full Moon occurs in the sign Taurus, which (thank goodness!) is a grounded Earth sign.   Super Moons are usually emotionally charged, and things have been chaotic lately- especially in America with the election- but once the Moon shifts into Taurus, we will all experience a growing serenity. This calming effect is the practical and steady influence of Taurus. On a mundane level, this Full Moon would be an optimal time for examining   your spending habits and finances… and spiritually, its time to look for “checks and balances” too; this Super Moon is a good time to examine your feelings of self-worth as well as evaluating what you need to feel safe, cared for and emotionally secure.

In general, Full Moon is an optimal time for cleansing and recharging your tools of divination, such as Tarot, Lenormand or Oracle cards, dousing rods, mineral crystals, crystal balls or pendulums. By exposing them to direct moonlight, the Moon will recharge and re-balance them. You can place these objects outside for a Moon bath, or even on a windowsill or tabletop where they’ll get full exposure.
The Full Moon is always a potent time for magic and manifestation.  If you have an altar set up, burn silver or white candles during the Full Moon, making affirmations and setting intentions. Write them down on a piece of paper and sleep with it under your pillow.

 If you’d like to see this gorgeous lunar event at it’s peak, it goes full at 5:52 am Pacific Time- check the exact hour in your time zone. On it’s own in the sky, Luna might not look quite that impressive because there’s nothing to compare it to.  But if it’s viewed when it’s low in the sky and close to the horizon, near buildings or a tree line, it can create an optical illusion, making it appear   absolutely gigantic. 
This is known as a “moon illusion” but it’s still way impressive and satisfying, like an illustration in a vintage fairy tale book.

If you don’t see the Super Moon at it’s peak, remember that the visual beauty and  the overall energy of this Moon will last a day or two before and after the actual event.
  Crystal and Pleasant: photo  by E.A. Kohan

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