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Crystal and Pleasant by Maharet Hughes

Whether you’re reading for other people to hone your skills or doing it professionally, it’s imperative that you remain ethical and responsible. There are many considerations-and boundaries- that need to be thought out and put in place. While you’re reading for others, practice neutral positive thinking is a must. Help the seeker know and understand their choices, to help them face challenges and improve their situation.
This list below is just a foundation; undoubtedly, via your own experience, you’ll come up with things add as you continue your journey along the Tarot path.

Before Laying Out The Cards: It’s always a sound practice to ask the seeker if there is a topic that might possibly come up that they won’t want to discuss.  Be sure that they understand that they don’t need to identify the issue to you now, but that they do have the right to tell you when (and if) it arises. If it does, never push the issue!  It isn’t your duty to force them to face a something just because you feel they need to. Your goal as a reader is to have your friends or clients walk away with food for thought…and the necessary tools to improve their lives.

What Happens In The Session Stays In The Session: Always respect your seeker’s privacy in the same way that a therapist, medical doctor or lawyer, would. Anything that’s brought up or discussed   should never leave the reading room. Your seeker trusts you with personal issues and intimate details.  Do not break another person’s confidentiality.
Many people decide get readings when they’re going through major life changes, rough periods or a traumatic situation, but even if the reading is general and positive, you have no business discussing these things with anyone but your client…. or you’ll have no business!

Stay Neutral: Practice being impartial about the seeker’s life or what you may “see” in the cards. It’s hard enough for most people to open up and share their inner selves with others, and they certainly don’t need to be judged in the process. When reading for others, practice neutral positive thinking.  Gently assisting the seeker to acknowledge and understand their choices will help them to face their own challenges and improve their situation.

Free Will: As a reader it isn’t your place to make decisions for another person. Sometimes it might be ok to draw parallels to a similar experience you’ve had, but refrain from telling the seeker what to do. Shedding light on the situations emerging during the reading will help the querent to notice the potential consequences of their choices… but ultimately, it’s their life and their choices, not yours.

You Are Not A Medical Professional: Think twice before reading about diseases, a diagnosis or a death, even if the seeker is pushing you to do so. It’s generally a healthy practice to avoid reading for these issues. Instead, suggest that if they’re concerned, they make an appointment with a doctor.

 Set Boundaries: Though you may feel compassion towards your clients, and it’s perfectly fine to empathize with their dilemmas and emotions, you need to draw a dividing line. Remember that you don’t own the seeker’s issues; what’s happening to them isn’t happening to you! Keeping boundaries firmly in place can definitely be difficult when you’re reading for family or friends, but it needs to be done. When they leave your reading space, you must allow their problems leave with them.

The more you read for others, the better you’ll understand just how important it is to treat people with the utmost respect and kindness. Living by the Golden Rule will ensure you never run out of willing volunteers-or paying clients- eager to have you read for them.

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