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Seer & Artist Marcella Kroll in her element

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 Marcella Kroll is one badass witch.  Based in Los Angeles, she’s a talented artist and metaphysician, and both those areas have become her life’s work. For Marcella, there really isn’t a dividing line. A sought after intuitive for the past ten years and professional artist for over two decades, she’s the creator of two fabulous divinatory decks, Sacred Symbols and  The Nature Nurture Oracle. She’s also  the host of the popular podcast, “Saved By The Spell”, and does Tarot readings, cord cutting ceremonies, and  teaches workshops on these and other topics worldwide. We were absolutely thrilled to get a glimpse into her complex  and otherworldly soul… here she is, in her own words:

 Divination  Nation:  Where did you grow up, and what was your childhood/young adulthood like?
Marcella Kroll: I grew up in Providence, Rhode Island. Childhood was more chaotic than fun, and young adulthood was filled with lots of experimentation and adventure.

 Divination Nation: How did you start getting interested in spirituality and metaphysics?

 Marcella Kroll: I have been fascinated with the occult and all things paranormal since I was around 6 years old. I would visit childhood friends of different religious denominations gatherings and walk up the street by myself to light candles and smell incense at the church. I could see ghosts and talk to spirits when I was small, but quickly shut it down when I would get made fun of by others for it. 

 Divination Nation:  Did you realize  that both were your calling right away, or did it take a while?

 Marcella Kroll: Well I shut it down at a fairly young age, and did everything I could to keep it suppressed. After a near death experience at 18 all of my facilities came back and I couldn’t shut them off. It took me till around 30 years old to fully understand what was happening.

 DN:  Did you have a mentor?  Was this something your family taught you, or is it your own path?

MK: No mentor, just me stumbling through witch shops and lots of reading and exploring. I’ve met fantastic teachers along the way and have shared space and practice with others, but no formal training. 

  DN: How do you become inspired to create the images the cards on your two decks?
 Marcella with her Sacred Symbols deck

MK: The Sacred Symbols deck came through over a years time of images that would come to me through my clairvoyant abilities during readings. I would keep notes and sketches and had a list. I never intended on making that deck, it just happened organically.  I was homeless at the time and staying at a friends and started drawing. 

The Nature Nurture Oracle came in a psychic download from Spirit aka a Higher Power. It told me I needed to make a deck that would not only provide guidance for the individual but would help heal the creatures and nature represented in the deck. 

DN:  Tell us about your deck creation process….  How you selected imagery,  how long it took to make the deck… or each card…. do you  have  a favorite card in the deck? And why?

MK: Both decks creation process were intuitively motivated and not created with a plan. I let them guide me in what needed to come first. The Sacred Symbols was created with what little tools I had at the time. As I mentioned I was homeless. They were drawn with a roller ball pen and edited in an app on an iPhone 3. Nothing fancy. People often critique the simpleness but that’s all I had, and I worked with what was available. My whole life has been like that. 

Nature Nurture was a different story. I was truly channeling. The drawings were done in 2 weeks. But the writing and fund gathering for printing took another 9 months. Not long in the scheme of things, but seemed like it took forever. 

DN: How do you prepare for your  creative work? Any specifics, or just start working?  Do you need to be in a certain “zone”?

MK: I do need to be in a zone, “not stressed” hahahaha… I like quiet. 

 And for

DN: How much would you say your creation of art is tied into your metaphysical practice(s)?

MK: All of my art is connected to my spiritual work. To me art is a ritual and a tool to create a spell. 

DN: What do you love most about your life?

MK: My ability to still see wonder and magic 

DN: Tell us what you enjoy doing when you’re not working 

MK: I am an avid adventurer and I like to enjoy life. Visiting friends, horseback riding, hot spring soaks, being in nature, and spa time are great enjoyment to me.

DN: Would you  please share some  tips and advice for our readers…and blog viewers.

 MK: Be patient with your learning. Don’t get caught up in the hype and the patriarchal machine that tells you that you have to be at a certain point in order to be relevant. Protect your energy and remember that this isn’t all love and light all the time. You will face your greatest and worst moments some times doing this work. It’s ok, it’s all relevant, and changing all the time. 

 To find out more about Marcella, book her services  or purchase her  beautiful Oracle card decks, click here:

  Marcella  also gives in-person Tarot readings in Los Angeles on Wednesdays and Fridays at Madame Pamita's Parlour Of Wonders, 5503 N. Figueroa, LA, CA 90042.  To schedule a reading with her, book through  her webisite.

 Wednesday, May 16, Marcella Kroll is leading a prosperity ritual  at this event:
 Belle, Book And Candle
 El Cid 4212 Sunset, Los Angeles
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