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 An example of simple container magick
Container magick is used all over the world in several types of witchcraft and folk magick. Basically, container magick refers to any kind of spell that’s been sealed inside a bottle or jar. This is a versatile type of magick that can be adapted for virtually any purpose. The bottle- and everything placed inside it- speaks to the nature of the work being done. The jars themselves can be plain or decorated, it’s really the witch’s personal preference. Embellishing container can include anything from shells, feathers, charms or talismans and painting- in the form of sigils, names, astrological signs or anything related to the intent of the spell.

 Everything about the bottle or jar from the type you use to anything placed inside it will reflect the intent of the spell. For example, a bottle spell to hotfoot (drive away an enemy) would typically be made from an empty bottle of hot-sauce; whereas a jar spell for healing might use a pill bottle.

While there is no limit to what can be included in a jar spell, it’s important to select objects that will help work toward your ultimate goal…here are some suggestions:

A Personal Item: Photographs, hair, nail clippings, blood or any other curios/concerns (personal items) from the person you are casting the spell on or for. Of course if the spell is for you, anything you’d use would belong to-or come from-you.
Written Intent or Petition:  As the old saying goes, words are power. Write your intention clearly and slip it into the jar. If you are seeking the aid of a deity, spirit or ancestor, compose a note to them asking for their assistance.
Liquids: More often than not, the bottle used in a jar spell contains liquid, and the “correct” choice depends on your intent.
Water: Yep, plain old H20 is a common filler for jar spells, including but not limited to:  holy or blessed water, ocean water, full moon water, and water infused with any crystal of your choice, such as amethyst water or quartz water.
Urine is used for protection jars or to break a curse, but can also be used for manipulative spells.
Vinegar: This is used to curse or harm others, or to ‘spoil’ something. Safety note: vinegar jars can explode—don’t fill it to the top and keep the jar wrapped in cloth or towels …unless you’re buryingit..
Honey is used when you want to compel a person or situation  to “sweeten up” to you or  see things your way. Honey jars are an extremely popular type of jar spell and can include (actual) honey as well as sugar water, nectar or any kind of sweet liquid. Some examples of these sweetening jars are love spells, work to sooth hurt feelings, persuading someone to see things your way, making a new friend.
Ammonia is used for cleansing; use it to banish negativity or malevolent entities. Safety note: never burn candles on ammonia, do not place ammonia jars near heat, as it can be an explosive and flammable.
Tinctures, Infusions, Oils are used for a multitude of purposes; often blessings, health, prosperity and abundance.  Naturally, you’d choose something based on your intent—for example, a money spell might include a tincture, infusion or oil made from money-drawing herbs like cinnamon or mint.

 When The Jar Spell Is Ready To Work
What you do with your jar largely depends on the nature of the work. Once the container has been sealed, place a fixed candle on top of it. The candle is lit as the prayer or petition is made and then allowed to burn out. The following day, and each successive day for a total of seven days, a new fixed candle is burned on the jar. For example, candles are used on honey jars to heat up the situation and get movement on your issue.
Once your spell is complete, the container may be kept on an altar where it can be worked at regular intervals; or it can be buried on or off your property, thrown into running water, left at a crossroads, a graveyard or some other variation of disposing of your work….we know witches who like to leave their workings in public parks, or at/ near the house or property of the person it’s intended for.

Practice this traditional, simple magick faithfully and see what unfolds for you.
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