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Welcome to The Divination Nation blog!
 We are Pleasant Gehman and Crystal Ravenwolf, a duo of divination divas, “spiritual sisters from another mister”. We’re life-long Tarotistas, obsessed with all things esoteric and paranormal. We’ve created this blog to share our knowledge and to connect with the vibrant worldwide metaphysical community. Aside from Tarot, we practice many other disciplines, including Reiki, pendulum divining, dousing, crystal work, mediumship, house cleansings, and more. We read for clients, write, lecture and teach together as well as working solo. For years, we’ve worked as professional belly dancers, and since 2009, we’ve been doing paranormal investigations, exploring public and private sites that are reputed to be haunted.  Currently, we’re working on our book, “ Walking The Tarot Path”.
We’d love for this blog to be relevant for metaphysically-inclined peeps at every stage of development from e beginners to professionals, our posts will range from basic concepts and info that many of you are undoubtedly familiar with, to interviews, how-to’s and reviews on events and products.
We hope this blog is as fun for you to read as it is for us to write…Enjoy!

When social media came a long, we all embraced it, and not just cause it was a fun place to post photos of our adorable pets or our latest Tarot decks. Social media enabled us to reach a much larger audience than through word of mouth referrals from our clients, or our email lists ever could.  

 Many of us are professional card readers, Reiki healers, herbalists, or paranormal investigators…. or Tarot deck creators, witches, psychics and dousers. But though thousands of us of us are on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram, several of us are not using those sites in the best way possible, especially for business or promotional purposes. And one of the easiest ways to accomplish that is by using hashtags.

Most people know what a hashtag is; it’s that “number sign”, the tic-tac-toe symbol that looks like this:
 But even though most of us are familiar with hashtags, many of us don’t know what they are for, or how to use them at all, let alone use them to their fullest advantage!

 We worship at the altar of hashtags- and after you find out how to use them, you probably will, too!

So, this is the way hashtags work:  if you type the hashtag symbol (#) in front of a word on almost any social media site, the hashtag and the word itself will turn blue, indicating that whatever word you’ve typed  (such as #Tarot) will turn into a searchable term. That means anyone who is hunting for the word “ Tarot” will be directed to your post!

  Now, let’s look at hashtag use in terms of promotion. 

 When posting a special offer, an event flyer or even just a fun photo on a social media site, many people leave it at that, using the image only. Their online “friends” will see the image, and can “like” it.   That right there is good…but it could be better.   Images are very important to social media. However, more professional way- and a way to get more traffic to your page, is to also include all the info on your image or e-flyer by typing it directly into your post. But even better than that is to use hashtags in front of the most relevant and informational words.

 If you use hashtags correctly, everyone who is interested in whatever words you #hashtag will see it, not just your friends or followers.

  Here’s an example: post your image to whatever social media site you’re using, and then type the information in your post to go along with it, like this one, which was posted on our Facebook- and got us 2,240 hits in less than twenty four hours!

To win your free reading: share our page with your friends, have them "like" us, and under THIS post, mention "free reading" along with the name of the person who referred you. If you are chosen, BOTH of you will get a free reading! Readings do not have to be in person, they can be done via #phone, Skype or #email:) Winners will be selected at random.... good luck, and we can't wait to read for you!
 #Freetarotreading  #tarotreading #tarot #divination #spirituality #esoteric #occult #cartomancy #psychic #tarotcards #divnationnation #giveaway #freecardreading #intuition #tarotgiveaway

Promotion-wise, adding all the info clearly typed is a good idea anyway. But we’ve also hashtagged pretty much anything that could pertain to our offer as well, including really obvious things…like  #freetarotreading.

 There is so much information on this specific post that it would only fly on Facebook or Instagram.  It would be way too long for Twitter, which only allows 140 characters per post, so in that case, I would just use #freetarotreading not the whole shebang!

  If  we wanted to post this on  #Twitter,  we'd  click on the image  posted on #Facebook which will come up with all the information  typed in to go along with it, copy the URL, then paste it into  the #Twitter post, with something like:
 “ Win a  #freetarotreading  - all info here”, and post the URL link to the original offer.

 Got it?

#Hashtags are a #huge part of  #socialmedia, and also a really #important #promotionaltool too!   
Once you’ve mastered the concept of using hashtags, you can even have #fun with them… like this:


  : )

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  1. Great advice here, thanks guys. I've thought to do most things but not link to a FB pic for the giveaways so that it truly gets noticed on Twitter too. Will definitely be doing that in the future. Blessings, Lisa

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