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(Freddie) Mercury Retrograde
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 We all know what Mercury Retrograde is like…it’s insane! Mercury’s retrograde periods are a nightmare- even for skeptics who don’t believe that the planets can actually influence our lives. Truth be told, we’ve often wondered why the hell Pluto’s status as a planet was taken away when Mercury was way more of a troublemaker! 

 Mercury rules most things that make our lives functional: communication, travel, mechanical stuff… and during the retrograde period, all this and more goes to hell in  the proverbial hand basket. The moment you think you’re getting through unscathed, all the batshit  situations start happening: you get in fights with significant others, emails bounce, your car breaks down, people misunderstand you, your computer crashes, you miss appointments, flights get cancelled- need we go on? 

Right now, Mercury is in retrograde  ( YIKES!)

Even though we’re right in the middle of the fray and can’t just bury our heads in the sand or pull the blankets up and ignore life, there are still things you can do that will things a lot easier. 

 Here are some ideas for now, and to remember for the next time it happens:  

 Expect The Unexpected:  If you’re already aware that everything from technology to your car is going to break down, allow for that stuff to happen.  Back up all your devices-you don't want to lose important documents, favorite songs or sentimental photos.  Since  all types of communications  are affected by Mercury, make sure that your inbox for voicemails, emails and texts isn’t full.

 Be proactive with servicing your automobile- make sure all the fluids are replenished, the gas tank is full, your spare tire is in working order, and you have an extra set of keys. 

Be as clear as you can in conversations and written correspondence . Spell everything out clearly and follow up. Misunderstandings are common during this time; be as direct as possible and  keep your demeanor amiable, even if you have to re-explain or repeat yourself.

  Be vigilant about keeping appointments - look at your calendar more than you usually do to keep yourself on track. Hell, set alarms on your phone to remind yourself of where you're supposed to be!

If you’re traveling,  reconfirm any reservations. Anticipate delays and plan your trip accordingly. Bring snacks, water, an overnight kit, a good book or tablet, a knitting project or whatever.  If you don’t have to use that stuff, consider yourself lucky.

Don’t Take Things Personally: One of the hallmarks of Mercury RX is miscommunication… dysfunction is in the air and emotions often run high. Be as calm and “Zen” as possible when you’re discussing anything, cause there’s a fair chance that even saying “hello” can be taken the wrong way!
Don’t engage if someone is trying to press your buttons- let it roll off. Try to have a positive attitude; have compassion and empathy for anyone who seems to be having a bad day...cause  many people get really crabby during this period. While that’s a good idea anyhow, during Mercury RX this is a crucial move… cause the entire human population, female and male can be acting like they have an extreme case of PMS.

 Don’t Make Big, Life-Altering Decisions: For heaven’s sake, during Mercury RX, do not do any of the following: sign contracts, have a surgical procedure, go to court, buy a house (or have it worked on)  accept a job offer, purchase car... or get  married!
  You’re welcome.

Take Some “Me” Time: Allow yourself to relax and relieve your stress. Watch a movie, take a nice warm bath, meditate, play with your kids or pets…just do anything you love that feels calming. Mercury RX is a trying time, and you deserve some extreme self-care

 Reflect And Self-Assess: Think of everything you achieved before the planets went rogue, and make loose plans for the future- but don’t act on them until Mercury goes direct. Concentrate on the positive places in your life, think of where you are directing your energy. Be grateful. Think abundantly, allow yourself to believe that the glass actually is half-full. Take some quiet moments for reflection.

Not that it’s any consolation if your smart phone’s screen has gone black, but Mercury RX is actually a time when intuition is high and synchronicity and amazing coincidences occur. So enjoy experiencing the profound and serendipitous.  

Plan Ahead: In the future, a couple of weeks before Mercury goes RX, make sure to finish up any large scale   projects, collaborative tasks… or whatever you’re working on. Check everything you need to finish is all done by the time things go awry.  And do everything listed above, but while Mercury is still direct!

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