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Richard Hartnett in mid-reading

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 We first encountered Richard Hartnett, H.W., M. in June 2015 at TarotCon in Denver, Colorado.  His workshop Numerology And Tarot was excellent: thorough, well presented and through his thoughtful explanations and enthusiasm, it was quite obvious that he loves what he does.

A one-man metaphysical powerhouse, Richard has over three decades of experience as a spiritual counselor and teacher and has developed a series of classes, which he presents under the banner of Quantum Spirituality Seminars. He is a certified Psychic and Master Tarot Instructor with The American Tarot Association. In addition to teaching at conferences across the United States, he reads Tarot for clients all over the world. A lifelong scholar, he is fascinated in the areas where spirituality, myth and science come together.  His impressive background includes studies in Native American spirituality, Sufism, Jungian Psychology, Gurdjieff’s Fourth Way, and World Mythology.  Richard is the author of two books, with a third on the way.

We are delighted  that Richard agreed to share a virtual cup of tea  with us so we can all find out a little more about his life’s work.

 Divination Nation: Tell us about the earliest days of your career- how did you first become interested in Tarot?

 Richard Hartnett: My first exposure to the Tarot happened while I was in the Navy.] A friend of mine took out a Tarot deck and I was immediately intrigued. Within a year I had bought a deck and a book from the supermarket on how to read the Tarot. That book was confusing so the deck sat on my bookshelf for many years without my using it. When I was in my thirties, I came across some people who were using the Tarot, so I got interested again.

 Divination Nation: Whom did you learn from? Tell us about your influences, teachers and mentors…

Richard Hartnett:  One of my friends was doing professional readings all the time.   I asked her if she would teach me how to read The Tarot.  Out of that, she put together a class.  That one class was the only time she ever taught… but it was a good class.
R.H.: After that class, I began to read many different books on the Tarot.  The books that really open the door for me where are the classics, Tarot for Yourself by Mary Greer and 78 Degrees Of Wisdom by Rachel Pollock, parts one and two.  In those days Rachel’s book came in two volumes.  I wore out my copies of those books and had to buy new copies several times.  I regard Mary (who I’ve come to know personally) and Rachel to be my two most significant teachers and mentors.  It was so wonderful to attend Mary Greer’s workshop at Tarot on Denver and to have the opportunity to converse with her and all the other wonderful teachers at that conference.
 My other mentor was a White Mountain Apache medicine woman.  She encouraged me to trust my intuition, and she taught me how to read without using any tools. 

 D.N. When did you realize that the metaphysical-and divination in particular- was going to be the focus of your life?

R.H. I have been on a spiritual path my whole life. When I was twenty-four I made a commitment to become a Mentor/ teacher/ spiritual counselor.   That commitment required that I write a thesis and pass an oral review board explaining spiritual principles.  When I started to work with the Tarot, I found it to be a really excellent tool for working with clients as a spiritual counselor. 

D.N. What was your first professional reading like?

R.H. I got together with three other psychics and we created a mini fair in Boulder, Colorado.  It was the first time I got paid for a reading.   Over the years I have worked fairs, festivals and expos all over the country.  I also worked for many of the psychic lines. 

 D.N.   We loved your class at TarotCon- please let us know more about the classes you teach, both live and online.

R.H. As part of my Ministerial practice, I present classes on integrating science & spirituality, mythology, and how to work with Tarot cards.   I have helped several others to become professional readers.  I am a certified Tarot instructor with the American Tarot Association. The organization with which I have my ministerial degree is called The Prosperos.  I also offer many classes on my on my website and I have two webinars on YouTube.  (Scroll down for the links)

 D.N.   How do you prepare for your readings?

 R. H.   I am a voracious reader. (Editor’s note: in both ways, obviously!)
 I find studying the work of others inspires me in my own work.  Before I do a reading, I’ll refrain from using alcohol or other stimulants.  I also practice meditation and self-hypnosis to prepare me for my sessions. 

D.N. What -if any- disciplines do you practice aside from your main one…. which, we assume, is Tarot?

R.H. I am an astrologer; a palm reader, tea leaf reader, and I do professional dream analysis.  However, the Tarot is my favorite tool.  The two other disciplines that I consistently practice are called Translation and Releasing The Hidden Splendor.  You can find out more about these spiritual disciplines by going to The Prosperos’ website: http://www.theprosperos.org

I am also a writer, which is definitely a discipline in and of it.  I have written two books, which are available on Amazon and Kindle, about the relevance of Greek mythology for modern society.  The titles are: The New Old Gods and The Call Of The Soul.  You may purchase the books directly from me and I will sign them for you.

  I have a third book forthcoming, titled The Evolutionary Tarot.  I’ve been working on this book for over fifteen years.  In it, I present an expanded version of the Tarot, which incorporates numerology and evolutionary principles. 

D.V. What makes Tarot “relevant” these days, and where do you see it going in the future- it is so popular now, do you foresee any trends?

R.H. I believe most people today have lost their connection to mythology.  As Joseph Campbell said,
 “…Just because a myth is not literally true does not mean it holds no truth.”

  When religion insists that a myth is literal, it loses its vitality and relevance.  The Tarot is a dynamic mythological system that is constantly changing and evolving.  Just consider all the different decks that have different illustrations for the same cards.  The Tarot is very relevant because it is adaptable to a person’s personal mythological system.  That is why it is becoming so popular.  The Tarot literally changes from one reading to the next.  We are just now beginning to understand the personal relationship between the individual and the archetypes that the Tarot reveals. 

D.N. What do you love most about your job?

R.H. Being of service. 

D.N.  What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

R.H. I love to take my dogs to an off leash dog park where they can roam free. I like to play board games and electronic games. I enjoy movies and television. 

D.N. Would you please share some tips and advice for our readers…  many of whom are also readers?

R.H.  A good reader understands that there is no final understanding of the Tarot.  A good reader will keep their mind open to seeing the cards in the new way.   My advice to all readers is to get over any resistance you have to reading reversed cards or “negative” cards.

 Richard spreading the Tarot gospel

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