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Nothing says "Halloween" like The Cramps!

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 Sick of those tired old sound effects mixes and want some truly cool ’n’ creepy songs to rock out to at your Halloween party?   Never fear- the Glamour Ghouls of Divination made a play list featuring 31 of our favorite spooky songs for The High Holidays… or, as they called it in the olden days, All Hallows Eve.  If you’re into punk, funk, classic rock, psychobilly, British Invasion, metal, country or psychedelic stuff, we gotcha covered! The first three songs are kinda obvious, but after that, you might be surprised!

 We also have All Access Passes to Hell, complete with bottle service and VIP Hearse Parking included- but you’d have to sell us your soul to pry them out of our cold, dead hands…. Mwah-ha-ha-haaaaaa!

1) Theme From Halloween- John Carpenter

2) Halloween- Siouxsie And The Banshees

3) Monster Mash- Bobby Boris Picket

4) Spooky – (recorded by The Classics IV, Dusty Springfield, Atlantic Rhythm Section & Lydia Lunch)

5) Season Of The Witch- Donavon

6) What’s Behind The Mask - The Cramps**

7) Highway To Hell- AC/DC

8) Jack The Ripper- Screaming Lord Sutch

 9) Welcome To My Nightmare- Alice Cooper**

10) Don’t Fear The Reaper- Blue Oyster Cult

11) Runnin’ With The Devil- Van Halen

12) Supernatural Thing- Ben E. King

13) Corpse Grinder- The Meteors

14) Werewolves Of London- Warren Zevon

15) Would You Be So Hot (If You Weren’t Dead) – The Damned

16) Ghost Song –The Doors

17) It’s A Monster’s Holiday- Buck Owens

18)  Dead Souls -Joy Division

19)  Dead Meat- Judas Priest

 20) Boris The Spider- The Who

21) Supernatural Thing- Ben E. King

22) Living Dead Girl- Rob Zombie

23) Long Black Veil- Johnny Cash

24) I Put A Spell On You- Screamin’ Jay Hawkins

25) Black Magic Woman- Santana

 26) Pet Sematary- The Ramones

27) Witchy Woman- The Eagles

28) Scary Monsters- David Bowie

 29) Dark Lady- Cher

31) Mr. Crowley- Ozzy Osbourne

** On the off-chance you’re not familiar with them, The Cramps and Alice Cooper (both included on this playlist, of course-!) each have enough sick-o songs to make their own full-length party mixes!    

Here’s just a few of Alice Cooper’s titles: Halo Of Flies, Sick Things, and can’t Sleep, Clowns Will Eat Me

 And the Cramps took it even one step farther with I Was A Teenage Werewolf, The Surfin’ Dead, Rockin’ Bones, Creature From The Black Leather Lagoon, and many, many more.

 Happy Haunting!

 Xoxo Pleasant & Crystal

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