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Multi-talented Shaheen Miro: divination star, intuitive consultant, artist and writer

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 Shaheen Miro has lived a truly magical life.  Well-versed in metaphysical and divination practices since he was a child, he’s an intuitive consultant, energy worker, divination expert and also an incredible artist, creator of the Tattered Nomad Oracle Deck.  

We first encountered Shaheen at TarotCon in Denver this past June… and loved his giving spirit and sense of humor.  Each day during the festival, he held a Gypsy Tea Party, a workshop on the ancient art of tasseography, or tea leaf reading. A talented and very giving instructor, his class was as fun as it was informational… and, true to the artist that he is, his incredible-looking class handouts were magnificent. 
In addition to his consultations and workshops, Shaheen has developed a line of products to the clear negative energy and heighten intuition, and runs a program for psychic development in children. He‘s also a prolific writer with a blog that’s jam-packed with information, and h does articles for a number of on-line metaphysical publications, such as  We are honored to feature this interview with such a shining light! 

Shaheen teaching tasseography at TarotCon Denver, June 2015

 Divination Nation:  For such an old soul, you’re very young! Tell us a little about how you started on your path- who was your mentors or teachers, and what or who influenced you?

 Shaheen Miro: I’ve always been a little gypsy living between worlds. As a child I saw spirits, had prophetic dreams, and I would step into bubbles of the past and see things that were just a memory of what was there. It was all very fascinating, and at times very frightening. Thankfully my mother and grandmother coached me, supported me, and validated the things I saw.

Around age five or six, my mother began laying cards out and asking me what I saw. We would spend hours telling stories, creating worlds and fairytales. This was her way of training my psychic abilities. Rather than being completely crippled by visions, and insights I learned to use them in a constructive way.

One thing I have always said is I have a mother everywhere I go! So my mentors, and teachers have always come in the form of some beautiful woman in my life. Obviously my mother and grandmother have been teachers. I had an art teacher in middle school that was a big influence. She would give me objects from her life and have me hold them and tell her everything I saw. She also taught me a lot about meditation, telepathy, and channeling.

Those are just a few of the many teachers in my life! Along side of those powerful women I have had many “distance” teachers, people I have connected with online, through TV, and books. I have to admit that Sylvia Browne was a big inspiration for me. She gave me a feeling of validation that I could take this into the real world and do something with it. She also influenced me to write as much as possible! I even met her once!

Oh, and I cannot forget to mention that Stevie Nicks is my spirit guide. She has taught me so much about self-expression, and going into the inner world to pull out information and creativity. I met her once as well! What a powerful lady.

Divination Nation: Tell us about your first ever “ official” divination gig- were you a kid?

 Shaheen Miro: I guess my first official big gig was at age thirteen. I read at a huge event called The Victory of Light Festival. It is held twice a year here in Ohio, and it draws people from all over the Midwest, and beyond to speak, read, vend and connect with curious individuals. I attended the event for the first time when I was nine, and got my first pendulum. But the fist time I read there I was thirteen. I still have clients from that weekend. It was a strange and exciting time. I was even interviewed by a few newscasters. . Clients and other readers threw me a few curve balls. And interestingly enough a few fellow readers challenged me because of my age… though I held my own!

Thankfully I had the opportunity to do the event. It began with me reading for the owner of the event. Days later he called me in a flurry telling me that I HAD TO DO THE EVENT! The rest is history… and I am still going strong.

Divination Nation:  How do you prepare for your work?

 Shaheen Miro: There is a certain headspace I have to move into to do a reading. I like to begin with a cup of tea, a few deep breaths, and a squirt of my Aura Elixir. All of which create sacred space for me so that we can really go into the deep places, and connect with energy. But in some ways I think I am always on… I just step further into the there realm when I’m doing a reading.

I step into every reading with the mindset that I am going to connect with the person being read, pull out what they need to know, empower them and give them lost of love and encouragement. A reading with me is much like a conversation with an old friend (though I don’t even know you), so I like to prepare myself to be open, and to listen really well. You really have to leave yourself at the door when you do a reading.

Divination Nation: Tell us about your PSYCHIC KIDS program- it sounds amazing!

 Shaheen Miro: The Psychic Kids series was a project between me and another reader friend, Melissa Leath. She and I had a discussion a year or so ago about psychic children, how they are coming into the world more and more, and how we need to give them, and their parents something to guide them.

Both of us drew from our many years of experience as readers, and writers to bring answers to common, and even more unusual questions. One of the beautiful things about the series is that it is bigger than just psychic kids! If you as an adult want to learn more about your psychic self then check it out. There is so much great information in the series.

Not only do I write about the psychic kids, I also write about a variety of psychic, spiritual and energetic topics! So visit my website to find out more. My goal as a teacher is to give people practical tools for living a mystical life.

Divination Nation: You wear “many hats” - how do you divide your attention between everything you do?

Well on one hand, I have to do many things to stay sane. As much as I love doing readings, as much as I love writing, as much as I love designing… I can’t just focus on one! I need the variety to help me stay inspired, and in the flow. Over the years I have learned that my life follows a rhythm. One area will pick up when another slows down. I will finish one project and another will come into my awareness. As long as I stay in synch with that rhythm then I am usually okay. But believe me I fall out of step all the time. So I give myself a big kiss, and jump right back in!

Divination Nation: Are you working on any up-coming projects, events or products? 

 Shaheen Miro: Ahh, the magic question! Well I am working on a couple of things. One project is a new version of my deck Shaheen’s Tattered Nomad Oracle. This new version is going to really blow people away. I am not sure when it is going to roll out… hopefully at the beginning of the year.
A selection of cards from Shaheen's Tattered Nomad Oracle Deck

I am also working on more products to add to the mix along with The Gypsy’s Aura Elixir! My writing, and practice focus a lot on spiritual cleansing. So I created the Aura Elixir as a way to clear the vibes in an area, and really lift the energy in the atmosphere. Look for a few more sprays, oils and baths in the future!!
Lots of writing coming, always writing.  More classes coming in the future. The Gypsy Tea Party may be traveling further and wider around the country. Lets keep our fingers crossed. I have some ideas for a few online classes. And maybe a book or two. Throw some good mojo my way!!

Divination Nation: How do you prepare mentally, emotionally and physically for your work? Anything specific that you do?

 Shaheen Miro: I try to live in a way that prepares me for my work. So that means eating pretty well, listening to my body, doing some yoga. I also spend time tapping into my mental and emotional state. I journal a lot, I do affirmations and I work with a coach to help me get things out of my head and heart and into the real world.

As an intuitive I think having a spiritual practice is important. So I pray often. I do affirmations and intention setting every morning, and I use all of the spiritual cleansing techniques I talk about on my website.  I also use altars as a way for spiritual focus, sustenance and manifestation. Altars are a good focal point for your spiritual and creative energy, and they ground you spirit into the real world.

Divination Nation: Please share some of your favorite tips and advice for our readers…

Shaheen Miro:  Here are three tips I think will help you to open up intuitively:

 1) You are always telling an energetic story. This is your thoughts, ideas, beliefs and feelings about how you fit into the world, and how the world responds to you.  Look at your life right now and see how things are going… are you happy? Disappointed? Feeling fulfilled? If not then you can begin to change this. Ask yourself: Am I feeding my spirit?

2) The Universe is always speaking to you! Look at the world through your intuitive senses, your imagination, and the right side of the brain. When we look at the cup in a tealeaf reading we search for different shapes, symbols and signs… like looking at the clouds in the sky. We call them out and then make up a story. Just make it up! Then we start to decode it. Life is the same way. Notice what you notice, pull at the thread, and then ask for more.

3) Spiritual cleansing will help you release the web of negative energy and unintentional vibration, and put you in alignment with your highest good. When you are working from your highest good you begin to work as an artist with the Universe. Try this affirmation: “Infinite miracles come into my life in infinite ways everyone moment. I am open to the Universe. I feed my spirit, and I fulfill my highest good.”

Okay! Do it up lovelies…there is a big, wild, and beautiful world out there waiting for you to take it by storm.


Shaheen's  Gypsy Tea Party workshop featured beautiful handouts and a vintage tea cup  for each participant

 Visit Shaheen’s website for a wealth of  his  informational writing, to find out about  upcoming events, to book a private consultation, or to purchase his  Aura Elixir  products…and his gorgeous Tattered Nomad Oracle deck !

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