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The 10 Of Cups from the Morgan Greer Tarot deck

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The Significance Of Colors In Tarot Imagery

 The colors used within Tarot are every bit as significant as the symbolic imagery depicted on the cards themselves. In every day life, colors have a profound effect on our thoughts and emotions. Though different cultures assign various meanings to the same colors, in the context of divination, there is an almost universal set of qualities assigned to each color.

Decks creators have always been hyper-aware of the colors they use in their work, and it isn’t only  because they’re artists who create images that are visually appealing. Symbolically, each color has  a specific set of meanings and connotations. The High Priestess or La Papesse is usually depicted as wearing blue robes because  that color is associated with-among other things- spirituality and knowledge. 
 The beautiful High Priestess card from Erik. C. Dunne's Tarot Illuminati, published by Lo Scarabeo

The suits in the Minor Arcana each have   predominant colors, too.  For instance, the suit of Swords is infused with shades of grey- and not just because that color is used to depict metal. Grey is connected to wisdom and sadness; all of the cards in this suit deal with the intellect, and many of them address  mental anguish or depression.

Once you have an understanding of the basic characteristics associated with each color, the hues themselves will speak to you as loudly as the symbolic images or any key words you’ve memorized. Here’s a quick ‘n’ dirty guide to colors and the traits or properties they represent.

Black - Death, alchemical prime matter, night or midnight, the unconscious

Blue – Spirituality, clarity, knowledge, tranquility, emotion, intuition

Brown – Earth, grounding, security, home, stability

Gold – The Sun, majesty, abundance, success, triumph

Green – Fertility, prosperity, growth, youth, renewal

Grey – Indifference, neutrality, depression, sadness; also, (especially when used to color clouds) dignity, intelligence, wisdom

Orange – Fire, flamboyance, energy, passion, courage, vitality

Pink – Love, tenderness, acceptance, femininity, emotion, forgiveness

Purple- Wisdom, enlightenment, royalty, honor, leadership

Red – Blood, life force, passion, the feminine, anger, ambition, aggression

Silver – The Moon, lunar energy, the feminine, intuition

Turquoise- compassion, healing, understanding, life lessons, self-acceptance

Violet – Spirituality, power, peace, devotion, healing

White- purity, innocence, peace, divine knowledge and understanding

Yellow- happiness, joy, hope, optimism, positivity, spirituality


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