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 We loooove Botticelli...almost as much as we love Springtime!

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 We’ve created this blog to share our knowledge and to connect with the vibrant worldwide metaphysical and paranormal community. We hope it’s as fun for you to read as it is for us to write…Enjoy!

 Today, March 20, 2016 marks the first day of spring, as the Equinox equality light and darkness before the sun begins to dominate and we glide into summer. This is always such a magickal time of year; the earth awakens and we’re all feeling change in the air. Splashes of color explode as flowers and trees bloom. Animals – except for the Groundhog, who was rudely awakened by humans on February second-come out of hibernation. Life is all around as we approach one of the four Sabbaths celebrated by Pagans throughout the Northern Hemisphere; the Spring Equinox also known as the Vernal Equinox.
Every region and religion on earth celebrate this time of fertility and childish wonder with different traditions. . For Christians, Easter is celebrated the first Sunday following the Equinox’s full moon, representing the resurrection of Christ. The ancient Greeks celebrated Persephone’s return from the Underworld, which brought the promise of her mother, Demeter granting the growth of crops to feed the people.  To this day, Persians celebrate their New Year, Nawruz, or New Day.
Neopagans celebrate Ostara; the name derived Eostre, the Saxon fertility goddess who brought forth Spring. Little is written about her, but one myth suggests she found a bird whose wings were frozen from the winters cold. Eostre fell in love with the bird, healing him by turning him into a rabbit that could lay beautiful colored eggs that were given to the children at the Spring Festivals.
 Apparently, ancient Druids would bury eggs in freshly plowed fields to insure bounty at harvest time.  The eggs were painted red – symbolic of menstrual blood- because it was believed that would draw more life force into the earth itself.  But whether they were colored or not, eggs have always been associated with springtime rituals. Ancient Romans, Gauls, Egyptians and the Chinese saw eggs as a symbol of the promise within our universe.  
Instead of smearing  human bodily fluids on eggs, most of us celebrate this abundant time of year by gorging on chocolate bunnies and the myriad flavors of Marshmallow Peeps available at Target. Though neo Pagan celebrations are  a teensy bit more magickal, they're just as fun and goodie-filled....and we definitely do not use any sort of...uh...biohazard to paint our eggs!

 During the return of spring, our deities are all in their youthful form. In Crystal’s family, the children would hunt not only for the colored eggs but also for a hidden altar filled with prizes. The kiddies exchanged the numbered eggs they collected for whatever prize on the altar had the matching number. This taught them at an early age to make offerings for blessings.
 No matter what your faith, this is also a terrific time of year to ‘plant’ your intent for whatever you would like to accomplish in the coming months. Scatter seeds in a decorative pot, focusing on your goals during the process. As you nurture the young shoots with water, focus on your goals growing as the seedlings do.
However you celebrate the Equinox- and Spring in general- revel in the rebirth and the dawning of Summer's promised potential. Let this time of year refill your cup and make your spirit soar with hope.

Happy Spring from Divination Nation!


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