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Kitty Janusz during a paranormal investigation on board the RMS Queen Mary

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 Kitty Janusz is one mighty metaphysician.  She’s the founder of Into The Light Paranormal, and in addition to conducting paranormal investigations, she’s a psychic medium, hypnotherapist, Reiki master…and master blogger. She also hosts a weekly radio show, interviewing a plethora of interesting, on the fringe guests, including cryptozoologists, historians, mediums, healers and authors.  Speaking of writing, Kitty’s recent book chronicling her lifetime of ghost hunting When The Dead Speak:  The Art & Science of Paranormal Investigation, has (deservedly) earned the coveted five stars on, and just won  first prize in it's category at the Los Angeles Festival Of Books.

Kitty grew up in a haunted house in the Los Angeles suburb of Whittier, where she still resides.  Her supernatural experiences as a child colored her irrevocably; guiding her incredible career and the life she leads now- with friends on both sides of the veil. Kitty illuminates her varied experiences- and some tips for conducting successful paranormal investigations here:

 Divination Nation: You’ve had several paranormal experiences your entire life… when and how did you   start communicating with spirits?  Did you have a mentor, or just start doing it yourself? Can you tell us about some early encounters?

Kitty Janusz: I grew up in what would now be considered a very paranormally active home.  My brother and sister and I knew that this resident spirit meant no harm and it was considered just another member of the household. At that time, we didn’t really know there was a way to communicate with spirits so we just enjoyed his antics of blowing curtains in rooms with closed windows, footsteps and always finding objects that have been moved to peculiar places. We could feel the static electricity in spots-our hallway always gave me the creeps! I have to say the only time I directly communicated with this spirit is when it frightened me, although I believe it was probably unintentional. I was about 7 years old. I had just climbed into bed and closed my eyes when I felt something hop on the corner of the bed. Now we always had several cats with us growing up and of course they wanted to sleep in the bed…but this didn’t feel like a cat...the pressure kept sinking the bed’s corner down. I snapped my eyes open and bolted upright. Indeed, the bed’s corner had “ someone” sitting on it! It was just a bit too close for comfort and I shouted, “Stop that!” Immediately, the pressure was gone. It never did it again. Other than that one too close for comfort episode with me, we just figured everybody had a ghost in his or her house and it was no big deal. Years passed and this spirit went on his merry way.

 As an adult I love old historic locations and a favorite playground is the RMS Queen Mary. I’d heard the stories growing up that she was haunted and I thought. “Well, we’ll see what we can find.” I was attending a conference aboard and during a break I went to the lower deck that holds the Infirmary Ward. I had a trusty little digital recorder with me and started a short EVP session. My first one, I asked, “Can you tell me what year it is?” I had to get back to the conference. Later in the hotel room, I played it back, holding the recorder up to my ear… “Can you tell me what year it is?” I heard a raspy whisper.. 1943! I squealed! I was hooked!

My first real investigation I was so excited to be in these places in the wee hours when no one else is there that I don’t remember what  evidence we captured. What I do remember is we were standing in the pitch black cargo hold of the Queen Mary. It’s so dangerous that it is now closed off even to employees. You could only access it by climbing down these steep, rusty stairs. There was a bulkhead door that opened up to about a thirty foot drop! This is an area reported to have held POWs during her wartime service. My sister was having tummy issues that night. Suddenly, the group heard a low, growling rumble! Well I knew it was my sister but my sister was too mortified to confess and grabbed my arm and pleaded with me to say nothing. Before I knew it everyone thought they were having communication with this growling spirit. “It sounded like it was saying “Help me” “I think it was a demon” “No. I heard a little girl’s voice” it spiraled out of control and at that point I knew investigators are quick to believe any noise they hear is something paranormal, I could feel the heat of my sister blushing from embarrassment as she stood in the corner in the dark. Even today I find investigators are just sure they see Aunt Mabel in an orb and think every thump is a ghost. I admit sometimes I find myself trying to justify a shadow as something paranormal because I really want something to be there. It’s hard to admit sometimes you come away with nothing other than an experience in a creepy location.         

 Divination Nation: Did you have a mentor, or just start doing investigations by yourself?

 Kitty Janusz: love the books by Jeff Belanger and I highly recommend attending any paranormal lectures in your area. Dave Schrader of Darkness Radio is a great guy and funny as hell. I did lose two good friends this year, Mark & Debby Constantino. They taught me so much about capturing EVPs. They will be truly missed.

DN: How do you prepare prepare mentally, emotionally, physically for your investigations now? And what do you do to stay safe spiritually?

KJ: I believe it’s a sorely overlooked aspect of paranormal investigations. Investigating the paranormal deals heavily in measuring energy and fluctuations in the electromagnetic fields. We are one of the best tools in our arsenal for detecting such fluctuations. Your hair standing up, feeling that static electricity in the air, even feelings of sudden pain, sadness, or nausea may be signs of spirit either transferring their emotions or trauma in an effort to communicate. It is imperative that we set boundaries as to how close these energetic influences can come in and affect us. It a choice on our part to have spirit enter us or to say, “You know, I feel your pain, please stand next to me and we can have this conversation side by side.” I don’t feel it’s safe to allow spirits to channel through me completely. I prefer to have a discussion and maintain control. There are a lot of opportunists out there in the metaphysical. Be careful.

As for mental and emotional preparation, I am going there to connect with spirit. I am going to a location to communicate, offer solace and healing, and if need be, help them find their way to the Light. If I know a particular location has a negative entity, I prepare by doing a short meditation. I envision wrapping myself in a golden light, shooting through my head and shooting through my feet into the earth to ground myself. This accomplishes two things. One, I am visualizing my personal boundaries and thus, “Owning my space.”  This also puts me in touch with my chakras and become aware of any vulnerability ahead of time and I can fix it right there. It may sound woo woo but being present and aware of your own energy is what keeps you connected and protected. Two, by coming into a location visualizing yourself as a golden rod of pure light, it sends that message out to the Universe and it is very effective at keeping negative entities at bay. Where there is light, darkness cannot exist.

DN: Tell us about your book.

KJ: I was actually laid up after surgery and a friend suggested I write a book to fill my time. I came at this book with the idea that there are two schools of thought on connecting with spirit. The first is the scientific method. The scientific reasoning on how, why, and when paranormal phenomena occurs. I discuss how Quantum theory and the metaphysical are intertwining together and explain the popular theories such as Water memory and Stone Tape theories. These theories try to explain how energetic imprints may become imbedded in locations with a tragic or emotional past. But scientific theories are only part of the equation. Paranormal phenomena is almost impossible to replicate in a lab setting. It’s more of a field research. I also think it’s important in showing the reader that everyone has intuitive abilities. I share ways to tune these abilities and interpret what you feel when you’re investigating. Using all these tools at your disposal will make you an ethical, credible, paranormal investigator.

DN: You wear many hats; how do you divide your attention between paranormal investigations, your work as a medium, your radio show, your blog, and everything else you do?  Does it all seem like one big inter-connected thing, or…?

 KJ:  I don’t sleep much!
Kidding aside, I do have a regular job that I go to everyday.  Looking for potential guests, I just seek out people that interest me! I think if you are truly interested in what your guest does, the conversation just flows. One of my favorite interviews was with a taxidermist from the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History. Allis Markham looks like Betty Page and is taking the world of taxidermy by storm. I was so excited to talk about taxidermy and how it’s such an art (it’s not gross!) that the whole interview was more like two girls gossiping on a Saturday night than a radio interview! It was so much fun.
When a client books a mediumship reading, I prefer to actually do the reading alone, in quiet. I need to get into that meditative state to clear my mind to allow spirit to come through. I find it easier to connect with spirit and call the client afterwards and I answer any questions. I believe meditation is a great tool in training your brain and body to channel and focus. Yeah, but I don’t get enough sleep though! Ha!

DN: Tell us about your most significant- or moving- experiences both as a medium and as a paranormal investigator.

One of my favorite readings was for a young mother who had lost a child. I kept getting these visions of weird bugs flying around the mother. They looked artificial, like drawings. I didn’t want to say I saw flies around her so I said, “What’s with the bees? I keep seeing bees or strange bugs around you.” This is where the clairecognizence, or the sense of knowing, comes into play. Something just kept telling me her dead son was sending these bugs to her. “He’s telling me he’s sending you these bugs. Are you seeing bugs in strange places? They look like little drawings of bugs.” The mom burst into tears. “My dead son always would draw little bugs! “ “But he keeps telling me he’s bringing them to you now.” “OMG! My living son has recently started drawing the same kind of bugs! How could you know that!” It was a very sweet message from a little boy to show his mom he’s OK.

Also, I’m partial to the Queen Mary. While doing an investigation in the Pool Room, we had lengthy K2 session with “Jackie” a spirit who represents herself as a child spirit. Whoever this little spirit is, she’s quite the show boater, signing audibly, and answering our endless questions. However, when she becomes tired, she lets you know. She loves giving hugs. All of us present could feel a cool breeze caress us from one side and around the other, first one person, then the next. It was such a moving experience because it was so sweet and touching.

DN: What’s your favorite piece of equipment to use in investigations, and why?

KJ: I am partial to digital recorders. I find I get good quality EVPs at almost every location. There are more high tech models out there but I prefer the Olympus pc4100. Newer ones have many internal filters. It’s what worked for me and I stand by my evidence. I toss out anything that might be questionable or any I have to “clean up” too much to sound plausible. Many prefer photographic evidence but your eyes try so hard to make patterns out of shapes. I’m just not really an orb person.

DN: Would you please share some of your top tips and advice on conducting paranormal investigations for our readers? 

KJ: Be respectful of space and spirit. Many of these souls died tragic deaths and may still be lost or terrified. Don’t taunt or provoke in the name of evidence. Think of them as a family member. Would you want someone shouting commands at your crying little sister?

Be respectful of space. Are you in someone’s home? Be mindful of the family’s plight and remember you are there to help first and foremost. Are you in a historic location? Treat it like the museum it is.

Visit locations many times. They remember you and your attitude! If you cross spirit over, I believe it invites more to come, as they see you as someone who can help. Be a jerk and taunt and provoke, and the energy will reflect your attitude.
Your favorite piece of equipment will yield good results the more you use it. I believe it becomes some sort of energetic bond.

Love what you do and do it with the intention of learning something everyday.


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Crystal and Pleasant: photo by Maharet Hughes

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