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Just a few healing crystals from our...cough-cough...rather extensive collection

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 Crystals are one of Mother Nature’s most gorgeous masterpieces. For centuries, these beautiful rocks have been used for protection, healing, adornment and decoration in practically every culture known to mankind.

In the past forty or so years, since the dawn of the New Age movement, healing crystals morphed from being a “woo woo” obsession into mainstream Western culture.  People all over the world are interested in these amazing rocks and their properties, but many aren’t quite sure how to use them, select them for their unique properties, or even where to find quality crystals and what to spend on them.

 Pretty much anyone can use crystals to enhance their life, even without a lot of knowledge on the subject- though we heartily encourage you to do some research and find out as much as possible. The Internet is always a good source, but make sure you don’t rely on just one site to gain your knowledge. Even if you are a newbie, crystals can enhance your life. They be carried with you as a talisman, worn as jewelry, be added to an altar, or just be displayed around your home. The vibrational energy put out by crystals can have an effect on you any of these ways. There are several more advanced ways of using crystals as well, such as to aid in meditation, to enhance intuition and psychic perception, for aligning the chakras, or to promote physical healing. Crystals can also be used on a grid, which is a distinctive grouping of stones, all chosen for their specific properties.  The concept is that each stone amplifies and works in tandem with each other’s exceptional qualities to manifest intentions and goals. But let’s concentrate on the basics first!

To begin with, every stone gives off its own unique form of subtle energy.  Its structure, and the vibrations that are specific to the crystal itself define this. Each crystal- including most of the stones attributed to be healing crystals- emanate energy in a way that strengthens particular qualities within us. As a beginner, it might take some time to notice these affects, but you will soon be able to sense them.
Where you find crystals for purchase is up to you, though a good place to start would be your local metaphysical shop, where you can also get advice on the healing properties of each type of crystal.  There are always several kinds for sale at rock and gem shows, though the dealers may be more “rock hound” or collector oriented, and not always up on the metaphysical uses of the crystals. What you spend on them is also a matter of personal or financial taste, too. Depending on the variety, rarity, and size or type of each crystal, you could spend anywhere from a couple of bucks to a few hundred-or thousand- dollars!  For instance, a small piece of rose quartz might be $2.99, whereas a   good-sized chunk of malachite might be $60.00, and a humongous amethyst geode might run you three grand! If you were an absolute beginner, it would probably behoove you to pick out a few smaller specimens and see how you like them.

 When selecting your crystals, remember that you should pick out according to your own taste and first impression. If you are drawn to a particular stone visually, hold it in your hand try to feel it’s vibration- chances are, even if you aren’t used to sensing this, your intuition will tell you if that crystal is right for you.  If you’re buying it to carry, you might want to also pick up a small pouch to carry it in.  If you want to place in your home, you don’t need any specific accouterment- it’s fine on it’s own, on a table, bookshelf, your desk; displayed on its own or even in a bowl with other crystals. If you’re considering a piece of crystal jewelry, make sure to try it on and determine if you notice a change in the way you feel when wearing it on your body.

 Once you acquire your crystals, there are ways to attune and re-charge their energy.  It’s always a good idea to cleanse your crystals when you first get them, and to do this periodically in general. Many people like to sage their crystals before keeping the crystal on their person or under their pillow for a few days to attune the stone to their own energetic vibration.  Legions of crystal aficionados like to give their stones a “moon bath” by laying them on a windowsill (or outside) so the crystals can absorb the light of a full moon. Some cleanse their crystals by burying them in a bowl or rice or salt to absorb any energy- especially negative- that the stone may have absorbed. Some crystals, like citrine and black kyantite are believed to be so pure and high vibrational that they simply do not absorb negative energy of any kind.

 Here are some of our top picks for “starter” crystals, in alphabetical order:

Amethyst is a calming, stone that enhances creativity and intuition, promotes stress relief, heals headaches and back pain. It boosts the metabolism, soothes grief and aids in mental clarity.

 Black Kyanite is great for grounding, helping with memory issues and accessing the imagination and intuition.  It is a stone of protection, communication and can inspire loyalty. According to a friend of ours, it actually mends holes in auras. This stone brings a calming, tranquilizing energy to the human body, and assists in receiving intuitive and psychic thoughts, as well as dream recall. Black Kyanite is often used by energy healers because of its highly restorative properties.

Clear Quartz We call this the “Type O” or most “universal” of crystals. Clear Quartz directs and amplifies energy by energizing other crystals. It can be used for protection and   promotes balanced energy, mental concentration, and psychic vision.

Citrine is known as a lucky crystal that brings abundance, prosperity, generosity, and hope, it’s used to help to surmount emotional trauma, diabetes, and can be a great healing stone for fibromyalgia. Like Black Kyanite, Citrine is exceptional because it simply doesn’t absorb negative energy.

Hematite balances and unites the mind, body and spirit. Its shiny surface repels negativity and promotes inner vision and intuition, so it is a favorite among psychics. Hematite is good for stress and anxiety reduction and can also relieve insomnia. 

Lapis Lazuli  
 Worn frequently as protective jewelry by the ancient Egyptians for protection, Lapis Lazuli can improve memory, increase creativity and the imagination. Some of its attributes include lowering blood pressure, increasing circulation, and aiding in heart health.  This is also a crystal that deepens friendship, and good will, helping relationships to become more harmonious.  It’s associated with mental acumen and truth.  

Moonstone Every chick needs a moonstone! This luminous gem not only looks amazing when worn as jewelry, it is all about love and nurture. It enhances maternal instincts, helps with pregnancy and childbirth, and can balance hormonal fluctuations and help with menstrual pain.

 Rose Quartz is another crystal that no gal should be without. This beautiful stone has a very soothing and highly feminine vibration. It’s great for finding lasting love, and promotes compassion, empathy, and tolerance. Rose Quartz also enhances intuition and can raise self-esteem.

Try some-or all -of these incredibly beneficial  gemstones out and see how they can change your life in a positive way. Oh, and one last thing... crystals can be highly addictive...don't say we didn't tell you!


Crystal and Pleasant: photo by Maharet Hughes

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