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Get your Mojo Workin':

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Ever hear that Muddy Waters hit Got My Mojo Workin’? It’s not only a blues classic, it’s about using love magic in the form of a mojo bag.
 Mojo bags are traditionally associated with and of course, used in Southern style Hoodoo or Conjure magic. Depending on whom you’re talking to, or what region the practitioner is from, they can also be referred to as a mojo hand, lucky hand, gris-gris bag, trick bag or conjure bag, among many other monikers.

 For simplicity’s sake, we’ll call these little amulets mojo bags here, because that’s how most people know them. And just so you know, they aren’t unique to Conjure; witches and workers of all traditions from across the world have made these potent magical sachets for hundreds of years. Even the tiny scapulars worn by devout Catholics could be considered mojo bags…though you’d probably be thrown outta the church for saying that!
A money mojo bag made by Crystal

Mojo bags are often made with red felt or flannel, though many modern practitioners use other materials and several colors, depending upon the use of the bag. Some even like to use cloth taken from the clothing of the person for whom they’re making the mojo bag. The items that go inside correspond to the sort of magick being worked; the way each bag is made depends on the traditions of the individual practitioner.

 Here’s the way we like to make our mojo bags:
 To begin with, the first thing you need to do is create a sacred space in which to work. This can be an altar, a room you use for your workings or even your kitchen table.  Make sure it’s clean, quiet and chaos free, as this will increase your concentration and ensure your success.

 Get your materials together, and keep them convenient- basically this is a DIY craft project filled with your energy and intent. What you’ll need includes- but certainly isn’t limited to- candles and matches or a lighter, small square(s) of fabric, string or ribbon to tie it up with, pins, a small knife (in case you want to carve your candles) oils, incense, paper for your petition, and a marker or pen to write with. You’ll also need everything that goes into the bag itself: the herbs you’ll be using, crystals, and powders. This type of magick is often performed by placing special curios into the bag too, such as hair or nail clippings, and in many traditions, some kind of alcohol and/or tobacco smoke is used.

Choose a candle with the color that symbolizes your intent; for example, if your intended goal is to make money, choose a green candle for prosperity. If you aren’t sure of the color and herbal correspondences for your intended goal, be sure to do your research before hand. As always, the Internet is a great source of information, but check several sites just to be sure. Burn some incense while you’re working to set the mood and enhance the magick you are making.  Carve your intent into the candle and impale it with ninepins, the ninth going directly into the wick. With each pin you stick into the wax, restate your intent before light your candle and beginning your work.
 Write your petition as you concentrate on your goal.  Repetition is a good and necessary way to focus. Spread your cloth square on the table, filling it with herbs, crystals, your petition, and anything else that connects you to your objective.  For example, Crystal created a mojo bag for each of her children, which among other things contained their baby teeth. Though that continues to unsettle her now-adult kids to this day, let’s just say that magick was hella potent!

Keep your focus unwavering as you fill the bag; consciously tell it what you need from it. You can also recite prayers or sing songs of your faith… anything goes to help keep the energy flowing to the bag you are making. When you are finished, gather all four corners together and tie up the bag, knotting it securely.  At this time you need to name your bag. For instance, if you’re making a mojo bag for love, Don Juan, Romeo, Juliet or the name of your love object might be good choices.
Next you must feed your mojo bag using incense, essence oil, rum, whisky or cigar smoke. You’ll need to do this once a day for the first week, and then once a week for a month. After that, feed your bag every month on the full moon. This practice keeps your mojo strong, happy and willing to work for you.
 When you are done with your bag, please give it a proper burial. It worked hard for you and throwing it away doesn’t send a good message of respect and gratitude!  Burying it and leaving an offering ensures positivity and success in your future workings.

 Have fun with your craft but, but realize that any form of magick is serious business. Always show the ultimate respect to the forces of nature that you work with … they’re a beautiful asset in your life, so best not to piss them off!!
Much love and blessings to you!

  See the legendary Muddy Waters performing Got My Mojo Workin’ in 1966:
A vintage label for a magic powder  that would typically be used in a mojo bag
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