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 We are Pleasant Gehman and Crystal Ravenwolf, a duo of divination divas, “spiritual sisters from another mister”. We’re life-long Tarotistas, obsessed with all things esoteric and paranormal. Look for our forthcoming book, “Walking The Tarot Path” in late 2016.
 We’ve created this blog to share our knowledge and to connect with the vibrant worldwide metaphysical and paranormal community. We hope it’s as fun for you to read as it is for us to write…Enjoy!

Something you were once keenly interested in- Tarot, Reiki, witchcraft, palm reading, or whatever- has morphed from a hobby into a part-time or new full time job. You’ve been taking on clients and a few of them have become return customers. That’s fabulous! But now you want to take you’re your business to the next level.

 Keeping up a healthy metaphysical business is a lot of work…it’s not all just playing with potions and throwing cards.  As spiritual or occult professionals, we are usually on our own, with no support staff.

That means you’ll be doing everything by yourself. You’re your own PR person, secretary, personal assistant, and travel agent. You do the negotiations; you book the gigs and travel. Most of us don’t have “management” to rely on; we’re our own bosses… that means we also wind up doing all of the work!  For many, this part of their career is something they don’t bargain for when they were dreaming of becoming professional.  But doing this often-tedious work is really what enables us to be successful at what we really want to do…making a living off the practices we’ve diligently studied and become good at.

Here are some common mistakes that many metaphysical and spiritual practitioners make on the internet…and how to fix them:


You need a professional website.

 It’s important for many reasons- it allows people to connect with you and to read your bio, access your schedule for appearances, book live or Skype readings, attend classes or workshops that you’re teaching, buy your products and services, and to get a general feel for what you do. 

 The people who visit your site will be able to “see” you, to contact you, and to take you seriously, realizing that you truly are a professional, and a trustworthy businessperson, not just a dabbler. It doesn’t need to have all the latest bells and whistles, but it does need to impart the who, what, where and why of your career.

“But I have a Facebook page!”  We can hear you cry, “Isn’t that good enough?” No, it’s not.  Not if you’re serious about your career.

Ok, a Facebook page is better than nothing, but you still need a website!  Your website and your Facebook page should be linked.  If for some insane reason you don’t have a Facebook account, this brings us to:

Social media is awesome in general, but it’s especially great for connecting with your fans, potential clients, and/or sponsors or for events. It’s great for engaging in spirited  (and spiritual!) discussions, shop talk and conversations about occult history, as well as for joining groups that will inform you even more about your area of interest.  These interactions are extremely important for our careers!

If you aren’t actively involved in social media, you’re doing yourself and career a serious disservice.

Social medial equals free marketing!

  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram really are where it’s happening, they’re terrific promotional tools that can link you to others who share your interests.  We  know it sounds trite, but it’s true.  If you don’t have accounts on these top sites, take the time to set one up and learn how to use them. They’re fun, yes, but they’re also extremely important to you as a professional.    You can get hired, get professional advice, learn about conferences, acquire new clients and buy the tools of your trade via social media.

If you’ve been holding off on this, now’s the time to explore it…which brings us to:


Many metaphysicians literally shoot themselves in the foot while using social media.

One common mistake is to set up a page on  (any) social media site, and then let it die a long, slow death by not doing anything with it.  Ok, so you set up a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page…and   you can’t see the big deal about it.  You’re not so happy with it because you have like, four followers…. You can’t see what’s so great about having an occult-oriented professional page, cause nothing is happening.

 But did you think to yourself  “If I Build It They Will Come?”

Nice fantasy, but that isn’t how it works! If you’re using social media for marketing, you need to put the necessary time into your page, or it’s going to go belly up really quickly.

 “But I don’t have the time!”

This is a common complaint, but it means you need to make the time- remember, social medial equals free marketing!

  Do some posts and interactions with your morning coffee…  you can even set an alarm so you don’t go over ten or fifteen minutes and get sucked into a rabbit hole. “Like” a few pages or make some comments while you’re waiting for your first client… log on from the dentist’s office, while the baby’s asleep, at a dog park, a show, the airport or in line at the grocery store.

 In order to get an audience, you have to engage an audience. Like courtship, you have to woo people to your page.  Invite people to your page(s) and make sure there is something interesting and fun for them to enjoy…so they will be sure to check back for more updates. 

 Don’t blast out promotions non-stop, it will be off-putting to your followers…though you do need to be consistent with announcing a gig, a reading special, a new book or a new magickal product, cause posting just one time isn’t going to cut the mustard.  People visit many different pages, and their newsfeed is getting updated by the second by all of their friends, as well as all the pages they like. 

That means your post will come and go in the blink of an eye, so you definitely have to post multiple times. Just don’t over-do it, and please, for the love of god, don’t tag people who wouldn’t be interested.

  Engage with others by  “liking” and commenting on their status posts, be personal and personable!  Make sure your social media interactions find a balance between the fun stuff and hard-core promo or people will start tuning out.  

  Ok, so we’ve just told you to post a lot of stuff…pictures, event announcements, videos, etc.   But if you have a fan page or group set up just for   your spiritual practice, please keep it “on topic”.    A really common mistake- and one that makes many people actually feel embarrassed for you- is to “overshare” or post TMI, the abbreviation for  “too much information”.

 If you’re running a metaphysically oriented page, people don’t need  (or want!) to know that you’re having your period, fighting with your significant other, having a rough day emotionally, fell off the wagon, or that a relative died…or you broke a nail.

  Your professional page should reflect your professional career.

  It isn’t a tell-all site, or a place to get virtual hugs.  Use your personal page for that kind of post…if, indeed you really and truly want to post all your dirty laundry on the Internet!

  Presumably the reason you made  your page on any social media site is because you want to grow your career.  It’s doubtful that you would walk into your day job and complain about any of this stuff, right?  If you want your spell crafting or Tarot reading to be your day job, then you need to behave professionally when you’re online.

 There are a few exceptions to this rule. For example, if something went horrendously wrong at a gig, but it turned out to be a funny story- something that many can relate to- then go ahead and post away! Similarly, if your addiction is Lenormand decks, buying state of the art ghost hunting equipment, or   something like that- as opposed to some sort of illegal controlled substance- go ahead and post about it…cause many will relate to it.  Also, if something not so good happened to you- maybe you got into a fender-bender on your way to a psychic fair or your cold turned into bronchitis- please feel free to post about it, but be brief. It will be a way of letting everyone know  (all at once) why you aren’t showing up or have to cancel some sessions.  And in a tough situation like this, which everyone can relate to, you will probably be pleasantly surprised at how supportive and generous your clients, students, fans and the worldwide metaphysical community can be!


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